Yoga Teacher Mentoring

The true aim of a teacher is to give the student so much that she no longer needs the teacher.”  

The Course in Miracles


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Any teacher training experience should be life changing.  We learn, feel and experience from the heart and often times that can be overwhelming.  I remember graduating from Verge Yoga 200 Hour YTT and thinking, “What do I do with all of this?”  I was extremely fortunate to participate in a training program that worked to develop teachers during their first year of teaching.  During my year as a “Year One” teacher, I received so much helpful feedback and coaching – I believe that this is what put me on the path to a successful career in teaching yoga. When I embarked on facilitating my own 200 Hour Training, I felt very strongly about paying this forward and I strive to do so.   If you take training with me – and you want me to help you in your first year, I will.  There is no extra fee on top of your training as it is part of your training should you desire to take advantage of it.

Watching new teachers develop the skills of an effective teacher and witnessing the joy that Yoga brings to so many has called me to expand these services to the community through a mentoring program.  You don’t have to do my training and you do not need to be a “new” teacher, all you need is an open heart, passion for sharing your gift and a deeply rooted willingness to grow.

What do you need help with?  Here are some of the things we can work on together:

Sharpening your Dialogue – Your Primer Dialogue is the most important of all.  It is the conversation you have with your class.  We will work to sharpen your cueing, transitions and the way your genuine insights with a class.

The Art of Sequencing and Class Design –  Using your creativity and personality to develop the skill of class creation and design. We will talk about building a class from a methodological perspective, opening the 5 lines of the body, safe transitions and the modifications within. We can also incorporate the appropriate ways to use music or create a playlist.

Theming – Learning to theme a class so that you can deliver a meaningful experience for your students.  Yoga is a felt experience, an experience of the Heart.  Here we will also work on how to bridge the practice into our daily lives and the importance of showing your students how to do the same.

Understanding Energy – Using the Chakras to understand the dynamics of our Spiritual energy and where blockages / imbalances can show up in our bodies.

Assisting and Adjusting –  We will work to get you comfortable with being “hands on.”  I do not believe that effective teaching is done on a mat at the front of the room.  I believe that moving your energy throughout a class and exchanging energy through touch is the most important skill of all.

Understanding Philosophy – The Sutras and The Limbs and how to intuitively and intelligently present these concepts while teaching a public class.


Single sessions (60min) : $75

3 Sessions: $210

5 Sessions: $350

Pricing for small groups and studios is available.  Pricing is based on need and number of attendees.  Please contact me for details.



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