Yoga for Athletes

With my husband being a college basketball coach, it only seems fitting that I would extend my services to athletes.  I always joked that his basketball program had a “built in yoga program,” but that joke quickly turned into a mindset.   I have seen the positive effects of yoga and mindful meditation on athletes at all levels. Reduction in injury, quicker recoveries, focused mindset, response instead of reaction… just to name a few.   I have had the great opportunity to learn under the direction of Cara Bradley, who is the Yoga Instructor/Meditation Coach for Villanova Football  and Penn State Basketball.  I have learned from the very best!  I have personally assisted with Villanova practices and I have worked independently with Cabrini Men’s and Women’s Basketball, Men’s and Women’s Lacrosse and Women’s Soccer and Field Hockey.  I currently have responsibility for all Varsity Athletes at the University of Mary Washington.  See what coaches and players are saying about yoga for their teams:

“We were extremely fortunate to have Jessica Kahn provide Yoga services for our varsity athletes this year at the University of Mary Washington. Almost instantly the teams bought into her system because of her ability to create sessions  that apply to a wide variety of sports.  Most notably our athletes who participated in her yoga sessions during their competitive season had an evident improvement in their ability to recover. She is a consummate professional who takes a lot of pride in her work and I would recommend her to any high school or college coach looking to gain a competitive edge.”

               ~George Greene, former UMW Head Strength and Conditioning Coach 



“Yoga has benefitted our team in numerous ways, most importantly helping our players to feel comfortable, in uncomfortable situations.  I really like the mental side of what our guys get.  They can find the calm in pressure packed situations.”

  ~Marcus Kahn, UMW Head Men’s Basketball Coach

“I am the first to admit that prior to this year I was not the biggest believer in the benefits of yoga; however once I started working with Jess, my opinion totally changed. I attended classes on Sunday evenings that were offered to the UMW student-athletes and was one of the regulars, and from there invested in private classes that fit into my work-day schedule. On Sundays my team was there practicing along with me which was awesome. For the swimmers that were most consistent in their practice I saw injury reduction and increased flexibility, which is huge in our sport. I also loved having something outside of the pool that we were able to do together as equals which really added to our coach-athlete relationship. On a personal level I saw improvement in my fitness and mental state; practicing with Jess allowed me to bring a level of balance to my coaching schedule that I have never had before and made me a better coach. I give Jess a ton of credit for the success of my team this year and cannot recommend her enough!”

              ~Abby Brethauer, former UMW Head Swimming Coach


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